Do you currently offer financing but hate all the work involved to get a deal funded? Or do you not offer financing and would like to?

We have the solution for you!!


TDC Finance offers a broad range of F&I products designed to fit seamlessly in dealerships of any size and has one goal in mind, to maximize your dealership’s profitability!

TDC Finance will keep your sales agents in the driver’s seat and in control of the sale; rest assured your customers will no longer have the need to leave your dealership as they can complete necessary paperwork with your team.  We will make sure you receive all the support you need to sell and finance your vehicles.  TDC Finance has the endorsement of major banks in our area, with the reputation to back it.  Our dedicated staff will handle all that is required for you to provide your customers who may have credit challenges, financing through reputable lenders. TDC Finance works with all major lenders from ones that offer “Deep Subprime” financing ones that offer the best terms and rates for your “Prime” customers. The best part is we work with the bank from the initial approval until the deal is FUNDED so you don’t have to. This eliminates the need for a separate F&I Department, saving you money.

To accommodate the diverse requirements of our independent and franchised clients, TDC Finance has built an extensive portfolio of aftermarket products to satisfy virtually any client need. Our product portfolio not only includes standard aftermarket products, like Service Contracts, GAP, and insurance. We now offer a full service outside F&I department for your dealership.


The process is simple; our support staff will visit your dealership and provide training and convenient availability to answer any questions via phone or email. TDC Finance wants to help you with the time-consuming part of financing and funding so you can focus on selling more vehicles!

TDC Finance is committed to you the dealer!

To learn more about what TDC Finance can do for your dealership, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation by calling us at 1-866-338-7870 ext 2 or emailing and one of our sales teams will contact you immediately.